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Name: Jedi
From: Melbourne, Australia
Date: 2000-08-27 10:09:30
Comments: Great site, I've got a '94 RF900R, totally awesome ride. Worked as a motorcycle courier on her for 18 months. So after that mistreatment, she's been stripped to bare frame for a complete respray. Can't wait to have her back on the road.
Name: Ed Kwaterski
From: Milwaukee, WI ,USA
Date: 2000-08-19 22:19:39
Comments: Love the '94 RF900, but I have had a few problems along the way. Bad valve seats had to be recut at 17,000 miles. The seats showed signs of bad cutting from the factory (chatter marks from the tool). Good thing is, I gained power it never had, even when I first picked it up used with 3800 miles. At 35,000 miles, I had an electrical problem I couldn't sort, and finally paid the dealer a well spent $300 to find and fix a bad ground, clean and sync the carbs, and reassemble the pieces I took him. I regularily pull low 11 second 1/4 miles at the drag strip. Last time I think I could have broke into the tens, but the rear tire would not hook up until third gear. Still managed 11.4 seconds at 120 miles per hour. The real fun was road race school. The bike handled awesome, but was a bit heavy in the tight turns, and breaking at the end of the front straight. I had an off track excursion trying to stick with a 125 two-stroke through the corners. The real purpose for this bike in my life is the 700 mile weekends, corner carving in beautiful western Wisconsin. Many miles of tight corners, little traffic, and excellent scenery. Best trip was a 3000 mile round trip to Montana. I toured Glacier National Park, as well as Yellowstone and the famous Beartooth Hiway. The Beartooth is 50 miles of switchbacks, climbing to 10,000 feet elevation. The bike suffers a little in the thin air, but power is plenty for the tight corners. Modifications include a Yoshimura Zyclone full system, which netted no HP, did not even change the shape of the curve. A dynojet carb kit netted better throttle response but no real power, and lost about 8 miles per gallon too. A Vance and Hines ignition advancer helped the fuel mileage, back up to about 36 miles per gallon, and seemed to boost the midrange a little. The BEST thing I did was put in 1kg/mm front fork springs, and Race-Tech Gold Valves. The handling became much more stable under all conditions. I also added a Toby steering damper after I had a tank slapper at 120 mph. That was before I started wearing full riding gear, so thoughts of full body scabs and raw hamburger filled my mind for weeks. The bike really needs a higher rate spring for the rear suspension. That is really all it needs out back. The shock has good adjustability. Some guys might want to revalve for track use, but I don't think it needs it, at least for casual use. Learning about handling issues led me to Race-Tech's suspension tuning seminars, which led to tuning for a few friends at the race track, which led to a full time job. (I'm a Mechanical Engineer.) Amazing how a motorcycle can effect one's life. I have thought about selling it for something lighter and faster, like the R1, but I can't imagine giving up the long range comfort. I have heard the cams from the '94 GSXR 750 will boost power to 122-128 HP, anyhow. Cams only need 1/8 inch machined off each end to fit. Good luck, keep the rubber side down. Ed Kwaterski Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Name: Martin
From: England/N.E
Date: 2000-08-16 22:08:00
Comments: Top bike! universaly condemned by those who have not tried it, it is also the most stable bike at speed i have tried, needs braided hoses and oversize rear sprocket and its perfect.
Name: Stephanie
URL: ??Steph's Homepage??
From: Seattle, WA
Date: 2000-08-10 23:01:28
Comments: I like this site! I have had my RF600 for about 3 months now and I love it! My friend wrecked it the second day after I had it but I got a new custom paint job out of it. Do you know of any pipes? I have yoshi on now but I want somethng even louder. Thanks for letting me look at your page!
Name: Dave
From: Scotland (now resident in NL)
Date: 2000-08-08 18:48:15
Comments: Good site, and a great way to share a bit of knowledge! (why do it the hard way if someone's been there before?!)
Name: Jimbo
From: Davenport, IA
Date: 2000-08-06 22:54:07
Comments: Thanks for the great page. I am looking to do a lot of upgrades, and enjoy reading about everyone's experiences.
Name: bert
URL: bertls homepage
From: germany
Date: 2000-07-29 08:22:34
Comments: herzlichen glückwunsch zu dieser tollen seite. besucht auch meine: für weitere tolle bilder zu thema rf600r. viele grüße bertl
Name: Luis Miguel
Date: 2000-07-26 23:07:11
Comments: I would like to give my opinaion about this page, I´ts great! I own a Suzuki RF400 and would like to share my expirience with it, and also would like to learn all about its service, perhaps I could find good information about maintenance and all about my bike...
Name: Dieter Schaub
From: Germany
Date: 2000-07-13 21:53:41
Comments: Hi, Im a owner of a Green/Silver RF900RS2 bike. I want to join your club... w.b.r. D.Schaub
Name: jeff mowatt
From: London ENGLAND
Date: 2000-07-10 22:30:35
Name: Chandler
From: Montana,USA
Date: 2000-07-04 10:43:13
Comments: Sweet Page!! Keep up the good work!! I have a 97' 900R w/ a Kerker Exhaust system and it screams!! Hope to post pictures soon.
Name: Derik Wolmarans
From: South Africa
Date: 2000-07-02 19:02:05
Comments: Just bought a '98 RF400RV after getting rid of a duke Monster 900. I'm surprised how fast and smooth this little bugger is!!
Name: Kev Stephenson
From: East Midlands-England
Date: 2000-06-30 00:55:47
Comments: I have recently bought an rf900 the bike has shit loads of power. Fantastic for touring 600miles in a weekend so far and not a aching bone in my body. Anyone in the Midlands please e-mail me and we should get together for a ride out or 2. e-mail address Ride fast ride safe!!!!!!!.
Name: Frank"Mac"Mollnau
URL: Gaming
From: Germany
Date: 2000-06-26 16:45:09
Comments: pretty good site...i was looking for something like this..keep goin...
Name: Marcin Plachta
URL: Moto2000
From: POLAND, Warsaw
Date: 2000-06-16 18:50:16
Comments: I have a silver Suzuki RF600R '94.
Name: Tarzan Treadway II
From: Ocean Springs, MS
Date: 2000-06-12 19:57:42
Comments: My brother and I own identical RF9r's, or at least we did until he totalled his. I am in search of someone either wanting to sell a good body/frame or someone looking for a great engine(5500 miles).
Name: Ammerl Bernhad
From: Germany - Bavaria - Passau
Date: 2000-06-12 16:57:06
Comments: ausgezeichnete Homepage, einfach Spitze
Name: Malcolm
From: UK
Date: 2000-05-28 08:14:32
Comments: Back to bikin' and bought RF600, great bike. Any problems I should know about. Sorry no E-Mail address, this is a mates PC and would prefer it was not sent. I will view your page regularly, it has been useful.
Name: Johan Diepeveen
URL: Johan en Jenny's homepage
From: the Netherlands
Date: 2000-05-26 17:43:03
Comments: Nice site and i'm glad that i am the list for owners! Greetings from holland, and keep on driving! Johan
Name: David Barber
From: Puerto Rico, living in Houston, TX. USA
Date: 2000-05-18 22:27:38
Comments: If all goes according to my plans, I should be owning another RF900R soon. By the way, cool website !!
Name: Holger
From: Germany / Bremen
Date: 2000-05-17 05:12:21
Comments: Wonderfull sites,...more of it!!!
Name: Shawn Saunders
From: Connecticut, USA
Date: 2000-05-16 19:23:51
Comments: Hi. I just got a 97 RF900R. Its green/black and silver. It came with D&D exaust, a jet kit and a steering stabelizer. I love it. Its fast, real fast. I have already put 500 miles on it and its been less than a week. i would like to find an owners manual, and a spec sheet for the stock bike. If anyone knows where i can find them on the net, please let me know. Thanks Shawn
Name: Roland
URL: Homepage
From: Deutschland/NRW
Date: 2000-05-03 18:52:32
Comments: Hallo RF Freunde tolle HP habt Ihr ist echt klasse. Fahre auch eine RF600R BJ94 ist ein Top Teil Verbraucht leider nur viel Sprit.. Gruß Roland
Name: David Barber
From: U.S.A.
Date: 2000-04-24 21:11:18
Comments: Hello Eddi:
I used to own a 1996 RF900R almost two years ago; untill I wrecked it on 5/26/1998, almost three months before my wedding. I only suffered a sprained ankle and a bruised shoulder, and lost 4 days of work. My wife,(then being my fiance') learned of my accident and was in tears when she saw me at the hospital. Every now and then I get a reminder of the whalloping I got that day when my shoulder reacts to bad wheather, or sleeping on the wrong possition. That pain is nothing compared to the pain my heart suffers every time I see bikes streaking down the freeway, and me wishing I was riding I had my RF900R once again. The only reason I haven't replace my ride has been money. My wife, ofcourse, would preffer I buy a pick-up truck first before any motorcycle; my instincts say otherwise. However, things are about to change soon, and it looks like I'll have the best of both worlds ! I plan to have a truck and an RF900R. Both won't be cheap to get, but I'll keep two people happy. Let's face it, riding gets in your blood and stays there. I used my bike for both fun and work. Evernthough traffic where I live, Houston, TX, is among the worse in the nation; and statistics on the average life of a motorcyclist is two years or less, you just can't deny the fact that once you had a taste for riding you want more. The day is comming and I will ride again ! I enjoyed visiting your little piece of cyberspace, hope to hear from you soon.
Name: Rick smith
URL: Suzuki Owners Club Cumbria Centre
From: Cumbria, UK
Date: 2000-04-20 23:54:51
Comments: As the owner of a '93 RF600RR Silvergrey, I have found this page of the greatest interest. I have created a link to your page from within mine, to ensure members of the Suzuki Owners Club find and visit your site. if you would like a picture of my RF, please contact me. Regards
Name: Todd Prchal
From: minnesota
Date: 2000-04-17 16:27:12
Comments:´I had picked up a 96 rf900r for $5700 with 21xx miles. It is the purple/charcoal color and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it at the dealership. The next day I had purchased the bike and I love it
Name: Darius M. Sias
Date: 2000-04-17 03:04:50
Comments: Anyone who has or knows where I can get a front fender, the fairing piece that holds the lowers (underneath the bike) and a back rim for a 96 Rf600r, please contact me. Also looking for any other Rf600r modifications.
Name: Chris
URL: Chris' Machines
From: Birmingham, Alabama USA
Date: 2000-04-15 00:58:51
Comments: Great Site.....Wish there was more discussion on the boards!
Name: Tim Sherred
From: Southampton UK
Date: 2000-04-14 01:21:25
Comments: Think the page is great. I have a 1999 RF900 good information keep the good work up Eddi. Web page will come soon.
Name: RusL Fitz
URL: RusL's Homepage at Darkwing
From: Perth, Australia
Date: 2000-04-13 17:54:36
Comments: By the time I reached redline in second gear I was travelling well in excess of the state speed limit and wondering what the other four gears were there for.
Name: Avonds Mark
From: Lier Belgium
Date: 2000-04-12 20:51:06
Comments: Great site!!! I started riding the RF family in 1995 when i bought a 600. In 1998 i swithed to its bigger brother the 900.I think its some of the best looking bikes ever build .when my bike is worn out i will buy me all the spare parts and build me a new RF900R!!!!!!
Name: Thomas
From: Schmölln
Date: 2000-04-11 20:34:51
Comments: Klasse.Das neue Outfit gefällt mir. Name: Shayne
From: New Zealand
Date: 2000-04-05 02:49:50
Comments: I'm one satisfied '97 RF900 owner who finds this site the best on the web. Keep it up!
Name: Jimmy Whelan
Date: 2000-04-02 18:22:07
Comments: Excellent site ,no need to look else where for info keep up the good work . Mines a 95 RF600 & i love everything about it
Name: Steve Ayres
From: Kent, England
Date: 2000-03-30 00:02:40
Comments: re-sending my e-mail address, some people have told me that they had difficulty in contacting me thriogh your site. cheers!
Name: Jay Spencer
From: Greensboro, NC
Date: 2000-03-27 04:48:30
Comments: I just purchased a 95 RF600 that I have wanted for 4 years now, I love the bike though it is a little wide in turns. It is in great shape with a yoshi pipe. Keep the RF's alive out there!!!!
Name: Chris Gilliand
From: Birmingham Alabama USA
Date: 2000-03-26 22:53:46
Comments: This is a great was a little hard to find using my search engines, but I REALLY like the discussion boards.
Name: A.J
From: Jacksonville, N.C.
Date: 2000-03-23 22:37:41
Comments: I just bought a '97 900 last week and happened to run across your page while looking for upgrades....I didn't know the RF had such a following. I'm looking for carbon fiber parts, so if you know of any online catalogs please let me know.
Name: Jarl Svanberg
From: Sweden
Date: 2000-03-23 12:59:39
Comments: A very nice page. You have really succeded in makeing an interesting and well done homepage. I would like to get som more information about your tune up of your RF 600 with a 900 engine. I am thinking of doing the same thing myself and could use some more info about the procedure.
Name: Mike Johnson
From: Portsmouth,NH
Date: 2000-03-21 04:33:50
Comments: How do I join?
Name: garysteer
From: england
Date: 2000-03-19 22:20:03
Comments: great site more info on bad handling of rf:s front+rear htanks
From: Shady Spring WV
Date: 2000-03-18 22:36:47
Name: Rodney Pruneau
From: Framingham Ma. Usa
Date: 2000-03-14 21:55:19
Comments: This has been a very stable bike that now I am modifing per mailing lists suggestions and am looking for the season to begin. Additions include , cams, D&D exhaust, jet kit corbin seat, Heli Bars, ect.
Name: steve
From: ireland
Date: 2000-03-10 01:52:27
Comments: just bought an rf6, still gettin used to it, note so far, turning at low speed narrow, a bit heavy but slammers, handling and acceleration at med speed are nice. i will update if anyone is interested(and when my keyboard arrives).
Name: Jeff
From: Illinois
Date: 2000-03-09 01:45:42
Comments: Great Page. I just bought a 94 RF600. It has only 2900 miles and looks great. This is my first bike and I love it. Glad to have a page to post my ?'s.
Name: Andre M. Taggart
From: Silver Spring, Maryland
Date: 2000-03-08 08:28:05
Comments: Great Web-site!!!!!
Name: Matt Kaarlela
From: Dallas, Texas
Date: 2000-03-02 19:07:04
Comments: NIce page but I wish there was more info on upgrading the RFs. I have a 96' RF-600 that I have owned for about a year. I'm ready to do some upgrades and would like to read what others have done to their bikes. tires, jet kits, extended bars, exhaust, etc.
Name: renee
From: maryland
Date: 2000-03-01 00:18:31
Comments: ryde or die!
Name: Moe
From: Spain
Date: 2000-02-13 22:01:52
Comments: Thank you for this wonderfull page. Here, at Spain there aren´t very motorbikes than this and I´m very happy because I´m one of that fotunately people that have got one´s. Tank´s.
Name: KL Buster
From: Military, Stationed In Japan
Date: 2000-02-10 11:46:48
Comments: I own a 94 Candy Apple Red RF900R. Looking for a sight that sells replacements for all the panels around the triple-tree and gauges including the glove compartment panels and the ones running between the frame and the fairing.
Name: Lauren Mclemore
From: Detroit, MI
Date: 2000-02-10 05:27:27
Comments: Great page. I Love my (97)Rf900 very few mods(D&D slipon) looking to do more when my money is more forgiving.
Name: Garry Connor
From: Cumbria, England
Date: 2000-02-08 21:26:01
Comments: At last a great site for a much under rated 'blade beater
Name: Steve Ayres
From: Kent,England
Date: 2000-02-07 03:28:29
Comments: At last, a shrine for my baby.Top marks for the site, any riders in the south of England intersted in a get together (distance no problem) ? I ride a 96 RT geen/silver/black for the record.Ride free.
Name: Stefan Herz
Date: Feb 4th 2000 01:58:43 CET
Comment: Glückwunsch zu der super Seite. Habe lange gebraucht bis ich sie gefunden habe. Suche noch Leute im Raum München die mit mir ab und zu noch Touren unternehmen. (Bitte melden! Absoluter Notstand!!!!!) Meine fliegende Kiste: RF 900
Name: Torsten und Jens
Date: Jan 28th 2000 15:49:39 CET
Comment: Wir wollen unsere RF 900 Bj. 97 von 98 auf 136 PS entdrosseln. Bitte schnellstens Info bevor es Frühjahr wird. Danke, danke, danke........
Name: Frank Colmsee
Date: Jan 26th 2000 15:17:01 CET
Comment: interessante site. klasse. endlich mal was fuer rf´ler! mein bike: rf900r
Name: jimmy whelan
From: ireland
Date: 2000-01-24 21:04:16
Comments: love the pictures , the best rf site i've seen
Name: Dirk
Date: Jan 24th 2000 17:33:42 CET
Comment: Endlich mal eine Seite für Genießer des Zweirades....Weiter so....Wer Lust auf Kontakt hat....Melde Dich :-))
Name: Grant Morton
From: Uk
Date: 2000-01-23 10:35:46
Comments: Cool site, Nice work Eddi, as a new owner, now I can find out ALL about my new toy. Happy biking to you all
Name: Trevor Hutton
From: Carlow,Ireland
Date: 2000-01-17 12:21:55
Comments: I have a red RF600R and looking for ways to brighten up the colour scheme any ideas very welcome.Thanks
Name: Thomas
Date: Jan 11th 2000 12:54:19 CET
Comment: Eure Seite ist Spitze. Mein Bike RF600R (logo!)
Name: Kristofer
URL: Klubbur
From: Sweden
Date: 2000-01-10 04:18:42
Comments: Surf to our homepage....
Name: Michael Grochowski
From: Warsaw,Poland
Date: 2000-01-08 09:57:20
Comments: I have RF900RS2 purple/silver with ixil exhaust and black widescreen.I think that RF900 is the beutist sportbike on the world.
Name: Roy
From: England
Date: 2000-01-07 22:04:02
Comments: Great site for a wonderful and much under-rated bike. With a corbin seat the only thing that stops me is petrol and cigarette breaks! It's going to take my licence off me one day though, too smooth and quick. Cheers
Name: Björn Fricke
Date: Dec 29th 1999 14:37:29 CET
Comment: Hallo zusammen! Ich habe eine RF900R Bj'96 und würde gerne wissen, wie man die Maschine von 98 PS auf 136 PS entdrosseln kann. Außerdem hätte ich auch gerne gewußt wie stark sich das auf die Fahrleistung der Maschine bzw. die Beschleunigung in den versch. Drehzahlabschnitten auswirkt. PS: Guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2000
Name: Valérie
From: Montréal, Canada
Date: 1999-12-26 18:29:29
Comments: happy owner of a RF600R 1994
Name: Willy Blair
From: Fresno California
Date: 1999-12-24 15:27:34
Comments: 96 rf 900 with a D and D Pip
Name: Craig Lambert
URL: Craig's RF900 Motorcycle Page
From: Nitro, WV
Date: 1999-12-12 05:07:47
Comments: 94 RF900R, Red, Yosh Pipe, Corbin, LP screen and lights
Date: Dec 4th 1999 14:22:33 CET
Name: Ivan Bordelon
From: Seaside,Ca
Date: 1999-11-30 05:45:06
Comments: Hi, My name is Ivan and I am trying to get in contact with as many RF owners as possible. My goal is to get at least 20 people interested in a tailocker for My bike. I have a 97 RF900R. As you might already know, there is a very limited amount of after-market parts for this bike. I was chatting with the owner of Tailocker and he said that if I could get enough people interested that he would start making them. Could you possibly email him and let him know that you are interested in one if you are. Your help would be greatly appreciated. RF Owners Unite. His email is and his web address is
Name: Roberto
From: spain
Date: 1999-11-29 19:42:45
Comments: Greetings from a rf600 94'
Name: martin kiefer
URL: Homepage
Date: Nov 29th 1999 18:38:33 CET
Comment: hallo an alle liebhaber großer rücklichter, ich habe noch eine RF 600 komplett und eine RF 600 in Teilen abzugeben bei int. besuchen oder Maylen
Name: Jens Hudemann
Date: Nov 27th 1999 15:44:42 CET
Comment: Wer hat eine RF 900 R zu verkaufen ? DM max. 8500 ! Ab Baujahr ´96 !
Name: Joakim Engleson
From: Stockholm Sweden
Date: 1999-11-14 12:50:20
Comments: I´m bying a RF900 today.
Name: Udo Decke
Date: Oct 28th 1999 22:37:44 CET
Comment: Ich bin gerade im Begriff mir eine RF600R zuzulegen und möchte mich einmal erkundigen,wiviel Leistung und wie ich die aus der Maschine rauskitzeln kann.Für Eure Vorschläge und Anregungen danke ich Euch jetzt schon mal! Gruß Udo.
Name: Garry Weston
From: Gravesend, Kent, England
Date: 1999-10-24 13:07:34
Comments: Great site, but very hard to find. Mor technical content/information would be helpful.
Name: Greg Willis
From: Michigan , USA
Date: 1999-10-19 21:40:31
Comments: Love my RF600R 96 .Liked your pictures
Name: Michael Nikl
Date: Oct 17th 1999 13:56:46 CET
Comment: Hilfe! Wer kann mir sagen wie ich bei meiner RF 900 R, Bj 2/95 die angeblich vollen 136 PS rausholen kann. Derzeit habe ich mit geänderten Ansaugstutzen 123 PS laut Leistungsprüfstand.
Name: Heiko
Date: Sep 30th 1999 17:27:45 CET
Comment: wer kann mit Tips geben, wie ich aus meiner RF (Bj95)die letzten versteckten PS rausholen kann? Ich hatte leider in Most auf der Strecke einen Ausrutscher- lag wohl an den serienmäßigen Dunlops. Wer hat ne`n besseren Vorschlag? Ich finde zum richtigen racen ist die Federung zu weich und bietet kaum Möglichkeiten zum optimalen Einstellen.Ich bin nahe drann,meine RF gegen eine GSX R einzutauschen. Haltet mich davon ab, sie ist doch soo geil!
Name: Craig Lambert
URL: Craig Motorcycle Page
From: Nitro, West Virginia, USA
Date: 1999-09-27 03:12:16
Comments: RF900R 1994. Red, Yosh Pipe, Corbin, LP Wind Screen. Super Nice bike. Love it.
Name: Homer Racing
Date: Sep 24th 1999 17:46:47 CET
Comment: Habe eine Super Modifizierte RF 600 Super Schnell und Laut. Suche Leute im Raum Recklinghausen,und Umgebung zum Treffen Biken und Erfahrungsaustausch. Bin 34 und Verheiratet.Bitte melden . Euer Homer Racing
Date: 1999-09-22 16:41:31
Name: Kier
From: Australia-Melbourne
Date: 1999-08-27 10:01:45
Comments: I've just purchased a 1994 RF900. GREAT bike!! It already had some mods done, but I would love to hear of any other mods anyone would recommend, especially how to get the suspension set up better
Name: Uli Matzerath
Date: Aug 19th 1999 11:22:24 CET
Comment: Hallo ! Mein Bike ist natürlich eine RF600R. Hab zwar dieses Jahr nen Unfall gehabt aber 6 Tage und ich war wieder unterwegs!! übrigends eine klasse Seite habt Ihr
Name: Wehrspann
Date: Aug 18th 1999 00:43:34 CET
Comment: Also nochmal, super Seite hier. Bin gerade dabei ne eigene Hompage zu basteln, geht natürlich um die RF. E-Mayl stmmt jetzt auch. Ciao
Name: Matt Spenser
From: London,England
Date: 1999-08-16 15:41:08
Comments: Just bought my first RF400R !!!! Looking for some info,parts,pics,specs,mods
Name: kevin
From: Auckland New Zealand
Date: 1999-08-16 11:13:58
Comments: Have an 97 Model RF 900 maroon and silver . What a great bike. It's let me down only once when the "Cushion" drive on the alternator broke. Would welcome e mail from other RF 900 owners
Name: Ken Atkins
From: Northern California
Date: 1999-07-29 01:55:13
Comments: Have a '97 RF900R Maroon/Black
Name: Jörg Folz
Date: Jul 27th 1999 10:35:23 CET
Comment: Super Seite - weiter so!! mein Bike: RF600
Name: Dirk mit RF900
Date: Jul 26th 1999 23:04:35 CET
Comment: Super Seite hier, Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!
From: Clarkston Washington USA
Date: 1999-07-26 18:48:11
Comments: Hey im looking for parts if you have anything at all let me know I flipped my bike yes flipped !! and I need a lot of stuff let me know what you have
Name: F.Fraser
From: Suriname
Date: 1999-07-23 17:24:58
Comments: Keep up the good work. May be some of you "need for speed guys" can help me with a price list of a 1995 Suzuki Rf 900 engine overhaul kit. Thanks
Name: LeRoux Kloppers
Date: 1999-07-08 10:36:33
Comments: Let me know whether you would like a picture of my RF-400. It was red,but after a little "get together" with a car, I had it re-sprayed to a matalic Blue/Purple. All the writting on the bike is cromed. The only problem is that is +- 800x600 in size. LeRoux
Name: LeRoux Kloppers
From: Cape Town, South Africa
Date: 1999-07-08 08:59:34
Comments: This is my first bike. When I was looking for a bike, I wanted a bike that both me and my wife could ride. For this reason I desided to buy a 400cc size bike. Because of my length (I'm +- 1.99m or +- 6.6") someone suggested that I buy an RF. At that stage I did not know what a RF look like. After surfing and hitting your page, I knew that it is the bike I wanted.
Name: Graeme Browne
From: Sydney Australia
Date: 1999-06-13 10:55:53
Comments: I am looking at buying a 1994 RF900 here in Australia. I'm not sure if there were any in other parts of the world, but this is a limited edition model. It is dark green (like British Racing Green) and called a RF900 Manta Ray. I am told they only built 75 like this and this one is #42. The fuel filler is engraved by Suzuki designating the number in the limited edition series. Anybody else seen one? Any info would be appreciated.
Name: knut-Arne Rademacher Munkebye
Date: Jul 10th 1999 20:26:08 CET
Comment: Habe gerade vom Vertraegshaendler gute nNachrichten bekommen; Deine Rf 600 ist jetzt wieder flott!!!! Jetzt werde ich die maschine endlich nach Norwegen schaffen......
Name: Martin Crevier
From: Canada
Date: 1999-06-10 16:49:36
Comments: Description in two words: "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" The adrenaline rush you get once the speedometer indicate 255 km/h!!!! Martin
Name: Roger Forster
From: Janesville,WI USA
Date: 1999-06-10 02:16:35
Comments: 1996 RF600R Now I need performance advice beyond the Yoshimura RS-3 oval slipon that I have just installed! Considerations: Dynojet Stage 1 w/ K&N filter Factory ignition advance (2 degrees) Front sprocket -1; Rear sprocket +2 PLEASE ADVISE! Thank you.
Name: Rene Skorupinski
Date: Jun 2nd 1999 00:38:13 CET
URL: Homepage
Comment: Meine Hompage ist fertig! Schaut mal rein!
Name: Rene Skorupinski
Date: May 29th 1999 11:18:50 CET
Comment: Sehr gute Seite über ein sehr sehr gutes Motorrad. Meine RF 600 R ist demnächst zu sehen unter
Name: Tommy W
From: Fort Walton Beach/Florida
Date: 1999-05-27 20:30:38
Comments: RED '96 Soon to be located in Ramstein/Germany
Name: Craig Lambert
From: West Virginia,USA
Date: 1999-05-23 05:47:01
Comments: 94 RF900R....Love it!!
Name: Graham Mckiddie
From: Portsmouth
Date: 1999-05-19 21:12:51
Comments: What a GREAT! bike
Name: Randy Cox
From: Edgewater, Maryland
Date: 1999-05-17 00:59:37
Comments: I like my 96' RF600RR so much I couldn't trade it in on my 99' TL1000RX, so now I have 2 Suzuki's in the garage.
Name: Micke Olander
From: Sweden
Date: 1999-05-14 10:33:06
Comments: What a site!!!! As good as i can be, keep it up!! Now I really understand why I like this bike so much. I havent got one for the moment but I´m looking for the right one, n when I do find it it´s mine. Bye for now Micke.
Name: James Edwards
From: New Orleans LA, now Anchorage AK
Date: 1999-05-12 08:39:38
Comments: Hey fella's I just bought myself an awsome bike! Susuki's '94 RF 900R oh yeah!!!!! so you all are welcome to e-mail me and give me some great first hand tips on taking care of my new baby...later james
Name: Joe Heffernan
From: Doylestown, Pa
Date: 1999-05-06 11:56:39
Comments: I have a 94 900 and the wife has a 95 600, both have som elight mods. They are great bikes and we really enjoy riding them
Name: Colin Mckillop
From: Co Armagh N Ireland
Date: 1999-05-06 01:55:03
Comments: Great page and a credit to the RF 900. I have one which Suzuki describe as black/green which in reallity is dark blue/dark green. In all my travels around the UK and Ireland to various races I have only seen one other and my friend owns it. I have fitted a 'yosh' can and a hugger.
Date: 1999-04-27 16:06:27
Name: Kevin Woolf
From: Spokane, WA
Date: 1999-04-21 07:58:22
Comments: Hi there I am a new owner of a RF 900 RS If anyone has mirrors or can find some mirrors (stock!) I would appreciate a buzz or email 509 924 9053
Name: Manoj Pillay
Date: 1999-04-01 15:44:10
Comments: Hi all. I'm a recent entrant into the Rf fratanity. Got my 1995 RF900R about a month ago. Man but this bike's speed is addictive. My previous bike was a sports tourer (Suzuki GSX1100f Katana). I find it hard to keep the RF's speed down to below 100 km per hr (The speed limit on the expressway here is 80 km per hr). Only bad point about the RF is the high pillon foot pegs...very hard on pillons. Feel free to drop me a note.
Name: Fabio Luiz Braggio
URL: Homepage
From: São Paulo, Brazil
Date: 1999-03-19 15:58:09
Comments: Nice innitiative of yours to make this RF page :-)
Name: Rick
From: Klamth Falls, Or.
Date: 1999-03-11 04:38:45
Comments: Cool site, cool bike
Name: Jason Turner
From: Monroe, Michigan
Date: 1999-03-10 10:27:44
Comments: Very cool page keep it up there's not much around about the RFs!
Name: Brandon Norland
From: Iowa
Date: 1999-03-10 09:13:38
Comments: maybe someone can help me find some aftermarket stuff for my 94 RF600. I am looking for some cool looking aftermarket turn signals. I am also looking for a lower vented fin piece on the right side of the bike as you are sitting on it
Name: randy richard
From: Massachusetts, USA
Date: 1999-02-23 17:02:56
Comments: I need to find out any information about the guy who put the ducati 916 nose on his rf600. That thing looked amazing and I'm wondering how much of a project it was because I would like to do it to mine.
Name: Hubert Rauschecker

Date: Feb 21st 1999 21:07:41 CET
Comment: Da tut sich was! Seit dem letzten Besuch der Site fand ja eine geradezu unglaubliche 'Informationsvermehrung' statt! cul8er, Hubert
Name: Joe Fedora
From: Meriden, CT, USA
Date: 1999-02-21 03:21:57
Comments: Nice sight. Well done. I have a 96 RF600. Thanks Joe
Name: Matthias Fuchs
Date: Feb 16th 1999 19:07:42 CET
Comment: Sehr schön, sehr schön ! Gute Bilder und viel Information Mein Bike : RF600R
Name: James A Gonzalez
From: Central New Jersey
Date: 1999-02-08 18:31:55
Comments: Eddi, Great page!!!To all who own an RF: YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE IN BIKES!!These have to be one of THE best looking bikes ANYWHERE, right out of the box!! Every time I stop somewhere, people always stop and linger around my bike...But, really can you blame them?? RF900R's definately ROCK!!!Keep it safe all!!!!
Name: Andreas Schweiger
Date: Feb 7th 1999 18:25:51 CET
Comment: Das Deine Page ist das beste das je jemand über die RF gesammelt hat. Weiter so. Gruß Andreas Mein Bike: RF900R
From: Mill Valley CA
Date: 1999-02-03 09:04:10
Name: Brainless
URL: JD's pages
From: Minneapolis, MN USA
Date: 1999-02-02 22:52:53
Comments: Eddi, Great pages. I hope you do not mind I am "copycating" you. I would like to start an RF page/riders' group in the Minnesota. If there is any problem with me taking inspiration from your pages (i.e. Spec tables) let me know. Again, great pages. PS, I am in the owners page as my real name: Jean-Duc Villareal. And thanks for putting me there.
Name: malcolm garrett
From: Poland / England
Date: 1999-02-02 18:19:44
Comments: I love my 94 rf 600' but it does have a flat spot and lacks bottom end grunt.Any advice (do's and don'ts ) would be well appreciated.If gaining a little bottom / mid-range would cost a little at the top, I could live with this as I don't tend to scream the nuts off it anyway!
Name: Kimmo Hassinen
URL: Homepages of Kimmo Hassinen
From: Finland
Date: 1999-01-29 10:40:35
Comments: Nice pages.. Check also my site. Avi-videos & pictures.
Name: JAK
From: Delaware, OH, USA
Date: Jan 17th 1999 23:21:40 CET
Comment: Heya...Great Page! I'm getting lots of great info here. Any central Ohioans...feel free to email me if ya need a future riding partner..
Name: Ralf Peters
Date: Jan 8th 1999 18:50:20 CET
Comment: Hallo Webmaster, wirklich tolle Seite, mit viel Mühe Material gesammelt und ansprechend dargestellt. Vielen Dank dafür und...MACH BITTE WEITER! Gruss Ralf
Motorcycle: 1996 RF900R
Date: Dec 21st 1998 02:45:07 GMT
Name: Jeff Ritter
Motorcycle: 1994 Suzuki RF600R
Date: Dec 9th 1998 05:42:16 GMT
Comments: Great page! I just got this bike and knew nothing about it at all. Thanks for the page and the info.
Name: Ron Richerson
Motorcycle: RF900R
Date: Dec 1st 1998 16:26:44 GMT
Comments: very cool
Name: steve mathias
Motorcycle: rf 900
Date: Nov 21st 1998 20:39:40 GMT
1997 rf 900 burg /black dyno jet kit k/n filter massirini muffler
Motorcycle: 1997 RF900R
Date: Nov 14th 1998 01:58:55 GMT
yoshi pipe-k&n filter-jet kit-ignition advancer
Name: steve mathias
Motorcycle: rf 900
Date: Nov 9th 1998 10:27:57 GMT
1997 rf 900 burg-black massarini mufler dyno jet kit k&n filter sex on wheels 125 hp of wheel spining fun
Name: Ken Harris
Motorcycle: RF600R
Date: Oct 16th 1998 12:25:34 GMT
Great site and I've joined the club look forward to swaping info with everyone arround the world. RIDE FREE

Name: Steve Penny
URL: Homepage
Motorcycle: RF900R
Date: Oct 12th 1998 17:26:39 GMT
Name: Ferry
Motorcycle: RF600R
Date: Oct 9th 1998 12:42:49 GMT
Comments: Great Site. Good RF-site Eddy. The RF600R is a great bike.Excellent styling. Fun to ride. Can look for houres at my bike. Need I say more... Going for a ride now :-) Have a nice day all.
Name: Paul
Motorcycle: 94 RF900R
Date: Oct 1st 1998 05:55:38 GMT
Comments: Just traded in my 85 Ninja 900 for an all stock 94 Rf900 in showroom condition with 3300 miles. I was afraid to buy another Suzuki cause of the nightmare I had with a 91 Katana 600 I bought in 93 which I junked after $3500 in repair bills. I love my RF a d hope my Katana was the exception and not the rule as far as Suzuki's go.
Name: Ron Richerson
Motorcycle: RF900R 95
Date: Sep 20th 1998 21:52:06 GMT
Name: Gene Dooley
Motorcycle: '95 600R, cyan
Date: Aug 27th 1998 02:25:19 GMT
Comments: I couldn't have picked a better first bike. I've logged some serious seat time with neary a problem. At news of Suzuki discontinuing the 6 and then the 9, let me asure you, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I'm going riding.
Name: Rob Noebel
Motorcycle: RF600R 1994
Date: Aug 6th 1998 15:19:59 GMT
Comments: Excellent web site! Thanks for the entertainment
Name: Sam Woodacre
Motorcycle: rf 600r
Date: Jul 29th 1998 23:56:02 GMT
Comments: great site
would like to hear from any other lady rf bikers please email me at
thanks sam.
Name: Terry Smith
Motorcycle: '96 900
Date: Jul 22bd 1998 12:53:47 GMT
Comments: Thanks for setting up the discussion group Eddi. I look forward to learning new stuff from you guys. Terry
Name: Kristofer Falck
URL: Homepage
Motorcycle: RF600R Yellow
Date: Jul 8th 1998 16:54:58 GMT
Comments: I like this site!!
Name: Terry Woodacre
Motorcycle: rf 600 suzuki
Date: Jul 6th 1998 19:45:32 GMT
Comments: Well under rated bike handles well nice to ride and sam my wife can ride it as well we went to isle of man this year it kept up with most bikes well impressed with it we used to have a yamaha fz 750 witch was quicker but is crap at handling rf ace.
Name: Warren A Statesman
Motorcycle: 95 RF900R green
Date: Jul 3rd 1998 02:10:38 GMT
Comments: Looking to perform some upgrades. Any info any one can provide from there experience I will more than welcome.
Name: Sabrina Corden
Motorcycle: 97 RF900
Date: Jul 2nd 1998 14:04:50 GMT
Motorcycle: '97 RF900RV
Date: Jul 1st 1998 01:25:18 GMT
Name: Dr. Chris Lane
Motorcycle: 98 RF 900 R
Date: Jun 24th 1998 08:34:34 GMT
Comments: What's the point in riding anything else !?
Name: Ferry
Motorcycle: RF600R
Date: Jun 17th 1998 20:42:40 GMT
Comments: Nice RF site. I am very happy and proud to own an Suzuki RF600R. For those people who have negative comments about the RF-bikes, let them drive among the many. Do people turn there head when a CBR or ZX-6 comes along. I think not.. They do when i passes by. Its may be not the best 600 ,but it is to me. And hopefully for all off the other RF-bikes too. Keep up the good work.. Greetings from Holland-Eindhoven
Name: Chris Hunley
Motorcycle: 95 RF 900
Date: Jun 7th 1998 18:00:00 GMT
Name: Burak BAS
Motorcycle: rf 600 - rf 900 - yzf 750
Date: Jun 5th 1998 15:28:35 GMT
Comments: Some of my friends are not pleased by the rf 600 they say it is like driving a truck when you are top on it . But i do not think so and it is very sexy and like a ferrari testorrassa when you are on or looking to it . I love it and that was the best des gn for a motorcycle ever i have seen .... And this site is very good to look for and thanx for ssigning me in to guest book .... icq 114711602
Name: goezz
URL: west java, indonesia
Motorcycle: rf600r [1993/blue]
Date: Jun 1st 1998 06:44:53 GMT
Comments: Great, cool site........!!! Nice to meet u guys.....that I can talk to about my RF, coz I'm the only one who belongs to this toy in my country..., see u next.......
Name: Hauke Carlsen
Motorcycle: RF600r
Date: May 28th 1998 18:19:32 GMT
Das ist endlich mal eine Seite wo mann fast alles über die rf steht und erst die bilder einfach fantastisch. Viele Grüße Hauke
Name: Jari
Motorcycle: no bike yet...
Date: May 25th 1998 19:54:22 GMT
Comments: Hello everybody!!! It's panic now!!! I live in sweden and lookin for a bike. My last bike was a Suzuki GXE1100E -82 I want a RF900R now!!! What yearmodell is the best bye?
Name: Fermin RuFino
Motorcycle: Suzuki RF 600 R 94
Date: May 18th 1998 08:44:28 GMT
Comments: Éste Web es tan bueno como una Suzuki RF. This Web is so gos as a Suzuki RF... Felicidades Congratulations Desde España... From Spain...
Motorcycle: 94' RF600R
Date: May 13th 1998 05:30:26 GMT
Name: mike micklich
Motorcycle: 96 rf900r
Date: May 2nd 1998 17:54:47 GMT
Comments: great bike but it broke down 5 days before the warranty went out i only got to drive it for a wekk 2nd hand
Motorcycle: 95 RF900R
Date: 04/25/98 01:25:08
Name: Terry Brown
Motorcycle: 1996 RF900R Blk/Silv/Grn
Date: Apr 14th 1998 18:48:28 GMT
Comments: I love the bike but I feel like a step child, the bike is so underrated! This is the first page that I've run across that's dedicated to RF's. I've added Yosh,Bra,Dark Euroscreen,tank bag,stripped off most decals and man, does it shine! Really quick,ask a couple of RR guys I know!
Name: Jason
Motorcycle: RF 900, of course
Date: Apr 8th 1998 05:19:21 GMT
Comments: Good to see that someone takes the time to pay homage to such a great bike by building a web site. Is it the case that the RF is dead come this year? Long live the RF!!
Motorcycle: RF600R
Date: Jun 6th 1998 01:52:08 GMT
Comments: Just purchased a used '94 w/ 4600 miles. Mint condition...anxious to ride. Love your web site! I purchased a D&D slip-on w/ a jet kit. Comments? Any other common modifications? Handlebars? Thanks! Rob
Name: Ben Runnion-Bareford
Motorcycle: '96 Suzuki RF900R
Date: Apr 1st 1998 08:06:55 GMT
Name: steve reynolds
Motorcycle: '95 rf600r
Date: Mar 19th 1998 20:40:11 GMT
Comments: I put 13,000 miles on my rf the first summer i owned it. I've never had any problems. I love my back and plan to put on a jet kit and pipe this summer. Any one out there who has suggestions on products they've used feel free to e-mail me with advice. wouldn't trade my RF for anything!
Name: wolfy
Motorcycle: rf900r 1994
Date: Mar 14th 1998 03:27:38 GMT
Comments: greetings fellow rf900 always a pleasure knowing we the elite few have one of the most oustanding and beautiful bikes with more bang for our buck this century. i personaly put 27,000 miles the 1st 12 mo on my rf900 with no mechanical problems. maybe 4 sets of tires but who cares. this bike gets ooks like it was the ducati 916.and there is not much we cannot keep up with.well take care my fellow rf pilots and remember..wear your ninja kills with pride. wolfy
Name: Ian Lucas
Motorcycle: RF900R
Date: Mar 7th 1998 07:07:58 GMT
Comments: Wonderful site completely dedicated to the RF's. I love my 900. It is a fabulous all around performer. Excellent site!!
Name: Rob Boogaard
Motorcycle: Suzuki RF900 RS2
Date: Mar 4th 1998 16:27:59 GMT
Name: Jason Turner
Motorcycle: 94 RF900R
Date: Mar 3rd 1998 08:15:21 GMT
Comments: Great page! I have done almost everything I can to my RF but the biggest change was when I went to a thirteen tooth front sprocket. I can launch out of the hole faster than any 900rr out there. It's been proven!
Name: Luis Gomez
Motorcycle: RF600R
Date: Feb 24th 1998 01:25:31 GMT
Comments: This is my first bike that I own. let me tell you that when I took it over so my friends can see it, it made me feel great getting positive feedback on the looks. I love my bike more than anything.
Name: Che
Motorcycle: RF600R
Date: Feb 16th 1998 01:07:19 GMT
Comments: Cool page... Let me know about accessaries for the RF600
Name: Timo van der Zande
Motorcycle: VFR750F ('91)
Date: Feb 6th 1998 12:01:10 GMT
Comments: Great Bike Cool page !
Name: Grant Mulvaney
Motorcycle: RF900RS
Date: Jan 30th 1998 02:30:11 GMT
Comments: Great page about a GREAT bike. Australian Motorcycle News (the top-selling Aussie Bike mag, and home of Fred Gassett) rank it as the most Under-rated Bike in their 1997 Bike of the Year issue! At least some bike mags know what they're talking about!!!
Name: Daivd Parsons
Motorcycle: 1994 rf 900
Date: Jan 29th 1998 19:42:23 GMT
Comments: Everyone seems to have a great page for a great bike. I had a suzuki mechanic enrichen the midrange jets a little and did it make a difference,add sythenitic oil and it makes a bigger difference. Other than that my bike is stock and it dynoed at 116.3hp o 2 different dynos'. I have never met a CBR900 that I could not out run above 100mph. Thanks
Name: robert brilmayer
Motorcycle: RF 600 R
Date: Jan 26th 1998 14:00:35 GMT
Name: Andrew Pike
Motorcycle: Suzuki RF900R 96
Date: Jan 17th 1998 00:24:26 GMT
Comments: Excellent pages - I'm sick & tired of seeing Fireblades, 916's and ZX9's all over the net. It's about time someone raised the profile of a very underrated and excellent bike. Bike mags in the UK never give it the credit it deserves. They prefer to refe to it as a Whore's handbag!!
Name: Jim Heterick
Motorcycle: '94 RF900R
Date: Jan 16th 1998 04:11:30 GMT
Comments: Great Web site. Anyone considering a new bike should just look here for real inspiration. I love mine and wouldn't swap for anything. See ya all around.
Motorcycle: 1998 SUZUKI RF900RW
Date: Dec 24th 97 06:44:09 GMT
Name: Carlos Mion
Motorcycle: '96 RF900R
Date: Dec 21st 1997 11:34:34 GMT
Comments: this is a great web page, thanks for all the information on the RF. This make parts easy to find.
Motorcycle: RF 600 95
Date: Nov 23rd 1997 17:09:01 GMT
Comments: Parabéns pela esta excelente Home-Page, Que haver interesse em se comunicar comigo, mande um email para mim, aguardo!!!!!
Name: Pete Goodall
Motorcycle: RF600RV
Date: Nov 15th 1997 16:04:47 GMT
Comments: Great site for a bike that is much maligned in the press but when you actually own one you begin to appreciate its all round qualities. With a bit of tuning it can keep up with the best in class !
Motorcycle: 94 RF900 RED
Date: Nov 15th 1997 04:49:16 GMT
Name: Jens Lammel
Motorcycle: RF 900 RS 2
Date: Nov 14th 1997 23:20:51 GMT
Comments: Wirklich mal eine sehr gute Homepage ! Viel Spaß noch beim Motorradfahren.
Name: Ed Salomons
Motorcycle: RF900
Date: Nov 10th 1997 21:49:45 GMT
Comments: Great site, can some show some pictures of a repainted RF900 in the color T595 yellow. I love that color (not the bike) Times flies wenn yor biking
Name: John Rollins
Motorcycle: RF900
Date: Nov 10th 1997 14:03:43 GMT
Comments: Great web page, Look forward to meeting with some of these German riders soon. Having spent most of my childhood there I am going to visit my relatives in Munich,and Bechtesgarden. Please keep in touch. I would like to see a list of upgrades on the RF900 that have been installed and proven, a riders exchange of ideas and suggestions.
Name: Bob Sinex
URL: Homepage
Motorcycle: 96 RF 900RT
Date: Nov 9th 1997 02:57:18 GMT
Comments: I like the page alot, I'm also happy to see that the RF is loved all over the world !!!!!
Name: John Schols
Motorcycle: RF900R
Date: Nov 1st 1997 17:16:14 GMT
Name: Thulin
Motorcycle: cbr 600
Date: Oct 20th 1997 10:37:59 GMT
Comments: Do you have some great motorcycle stuff , pics, specications. Please send them to me...
Name: Jan Musil
Motorcycle: Suzuki RF900 RS2
Date: Oct 2nd 1997 19:25:52 GMT
Comments: Good set of pages. Great information base.
Name: dank
Motorcycle: 94`trick rf-600-r
Date: Sep 10th 1997 23:16:49 GMT
Comments: Yo eddie im getting my picture of my bike scanned asap. I dont have much money at the moment on a count of some new goodies on the rf.
Name: dank
Date: Sep 8th 1997 17:04:53 GMT
Comments: RF-600 IS THA BOMB
Name: Vaughan Marks
Motorcycle: RF400RV
Date: Aug 22nd 1997 08:11:21 GMT
Name: robert
Motorcycle: looking for my first
Date: Aug 9th 1997 22:36:31 GMT
Comments: i like the rf600r and i hope to get my hands on one soon
Name: Wilron Schonenberg
URL: Homepage
Motorcycle: RF900-R
Date: Jul 26th 1997 21:32:19 GMT
Comments: Nice Page !!! almost as nice our (dutch RF) page ! :-) just kidding. DS, Willy
Name: Ralf Müller
Motorcycle: RF600
Date: Jul 24th 1997 18:41:10 GMT
Name: Dieter kolberg
Motorcycle: RF900R
Date: Jul 22nd 1997 15:46:26 GMT
Comments: hello. very nice web-site. i bougt my RF900R in 1996 and i very happy about this bike. has anybody experience with new silencer for the RF
Name: Markus Wewerinck
Motorcycle: Suzuki GSF600 Bandit
Date: Jul 20th 1997 19:10:17 GMT
Comments: Nette Page weiter so :)
Name: Eric
Motorcycle: '95 RF600r
Date: Jul 13th 1997 01:54:25 GMT
Comments: great bike
URL: Homepage
Motorcycle: RF900R, SUZUKI, 1994
Date: Jul 10th 1997 21:02:16 GMT
Name: Erik Routson
Motorcycle: 1996 RF600R
Date: Jul 9th 1997 00:52:02 GMT
Comments: This is a great page! I've seen several demeaning c mments to the bike... but I'll just say that I love mine! I am thinking about a jet kit to take care of the flat spot though... Keep up the good work!
Name: Kevin McCall
Motorcycle: 1995 RF600R
Date: Jul 7th 1997 21:42:10 GMT
Name: Gaetano
Motorcycle: 1995 rf600r
Date: Jul 7th 1997 15:16:30 GMT
Comments: Peace, love and BHV!!!
Name: Jason Kingham
Motorcycle: RF900r
Date: Jun 27th 1997 15:43:16 GMT
Comments: Cool site, nice work!! By the way and RF can hold its own on the track. I know this from experience.